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Why a Dad's Club?

Spring Branch Independent School District no longer provides financial resources for elementary school athletic fields.  Because of this ,the resources necessary to build and maintain our athletic fields now falls entirely upon the parents. 

Short Term 

SBISD is now well into the process of rebuilding our school.  Our short term goals are to fund the future installation of sprinklers, and turf for the new athletic fields.  


Long Term
Long term, the BHE Dad's Club will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of the future athletic fields.  The BHE Dad's club will work closely with the district to insure that our fields are not an after-thought and reflect our commitment and dedication to our school and community.  


Latest project

The BHE Dad's club is collecting funds to improve the current and future conditions of our athletic fields.  

The fields will open in the Spring of 2023 - Get involved now to make them the best that they can be!

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