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By becoming a member of the BHE Dad's Club you are helping to insure a safe, well maintained facility for our community, both now and the in the future, and you will get a really great Shirt!  

In addition to individual membership, the BHE Dad's Club is also accepting corporate sponsors.  If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, contact us directly for more information.

Be sure to note your full name, address, & email, & shirt size on all payments.

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The BHE Dad's club will be responsible for the monthly water bills of the new athletic field, as well as all ongoing maintenance.  Our goal is to raise enough capital to keep the fields in excellent shape, and fund the construction of extras like batting cages, bleachers, shade, and other improvements that will keep our kids close to home during after school hours. 

Your annual $150 membership fee will go towards meeting those fundraising goals.  The more we are able to raise now, the better!  Remember, it really is all for the kids.


Make checks payable to:

Bunker Hill Dads Club

2 Gage Ct.

Houston TX 77024


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