Register & Pay by 9/9 to be included


Password: Lions19


Please click on the link and register if you would like to play.  You may enter as many times as you like at $100 per entry.  You do NOT need to register multiple times to do so, simply click on the ‘Your Picks’ tab and select add entry.



You select one straight up winner per week per entry, you may not use the same team twice per entry.  In the event you get eliminated in the FIRST TWO WEEKS, you can rebuy for another $100 per entry before the next week of games start.  


A TIE is a LOSS.


If we get to the playoffs and still have players remaining, your available team pool starts over again with you only being able to select a team once.


If you forget to make a pick, you will automatically get the team favored by the fewest points available to your specific entry.  

As always, I will not have your laziness or ineptitude interrupt my golfing/hunting/drinking during the fall. So don’t call or email me last minute to change picks, no exceptions. 



50% will go straight to the BHE Dad’s Club

5% will go to fees for running the pool and some happy hours along the way. 

The remainder:

70% 1st place

20% 2nd place

10% 3rd place

If we have people eliminated on the same week, they will split the money.


3 people left and two lose, the losers each get 15%.

4 people left and two lose, the losers each get 5%.

If more than 3 are left and they all lose, the whole pie with be split.



You can Venmo me: @chrismfort

You can paypal me:


Please make a note of your team name and total entries when doing so.

All payments must be made before the Thursday 9/9 Cowboys vs Bucaneers game. 

Cornhole Tournament.jpg

When:  Friday Oct 1
Where:  Memorial Forest Club


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Oct. 29, 2021